Vegan Cinnamon Rolls #Cinnamon Rolls


#Cinnamon Rolls | Soft and tender vegan cinnamon buns that are smothered in heavenly creamy cashew frosting and loaded with cinnamon sugar filling.
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PB Chocolate Ice Cream with Raspberries

#Chocolate Ice Cream | This healthy PB chocolate ice cream with raspberries will become your new favorite dessert! It’s smooth, creamy, and rich in chocolate
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Rosemary Garlic Roasted Potatoes W Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts

#Garlic Roasted Potatoes | Facebook0Pin0Print0Email0 2-3 Steamed or baked potatoes cooled and cut into wedges ½ tsp garlic salt ½ tsp crushed dried rosemary 1 tbsp nutritional yeast 12-16 oz brussel sprouts halved Tangerine Balsamic Vinegar (I used this one. Use code PLANTIFULKIKI for 10% off!) Garlic salt to taste Heat oven or air fryer to 425.  Place potato…
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